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Thursday, February 7, 2013
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Moose Form The Defending Circle

The Moose heard the call and the Moose herd gathered at the lodge on April 18 starting at 2pm in support of the Hicks family. Tania (one of our great bartenders) and Jimmy have been going through some tough times of late and dealing with some heavy health issues. So to help ease the financial burden a little, a benefit was planned in support of these members of our Moose family. There was a great turnout for the event and the social quarters were wall to wall moose for much of the afternoon. Several nice raffle prizes were donated and raffled off. There was also a 50/50 fund and drawing with the winner of the drawing donating the winnings to the cause. A true Moose if I ever saw one. Another of our lodge members set up a small display of hand carved wooden items labeled “Tania’s Trinkets” next to the raffle table and along with his wife sold a number of things to the attendees with all proceeds going into the pot. In addition there were three small wood carvings that were individually raffled off.
Members and guests could purchase a lunch that included a delicious pulled pork sandwich and sides of baked beans and cole slaw. Proceeds from the lunch sales also were donated to the fund as was a portion of the bar. The entire event was a wonderful success. A special heartfelt thank you to all of the many volunteers that worked to make it a great day. This was another fine example of the West Marion Moose lodge exercising the principles of the Moose credo. We are all greatly blessed to be part of this most worthy organization.
As with any service organization the volunteers are the heart and life’s blood of its existence. Without a good base of dedicated people, willing to invest their time and talents in support of the membership and the ideals of the organization, things would fall apart pretty quickly. We are so fortunate to be blessed by such a great group of service oriented members. Without them we would certainly be in deep trouble maintaining our ability to serve not only our local lodge and the purposes and ideals of the International Moose organization but also the greater community as well. My sincere thanks and appreciation for each and every one of you.
If you are a new member or a member transferring in from another lodge, please consider not only looking at what the West Marion Lodge has to offer you but also consider how you might be able to enjoy the benefits of becoming part of the volunteers that keep things up and running. There are a number of areas of service that don’t require a formal commitment or long term obligation. One of these might be just the place for you to “plug in”. If you are looking for a little more formality there are a couple of vacancies on our board of officers that might be just the thing for you. At this writing we have the positions of Inner Guard, and Outer Guard open and available. If you are interested please see the Governor or another member of the board for more information.

Please keep an eye on the Moose Dispatch for the schedule and notices of upcoming events, menus, and notices. Also please keep Gera and her husband Jim Donovan in your thoughts and prayers as well. While Gera is recovering from her eye problems two of our members have volunteered to work at getting the newsletter out in a timely manner. Theresa and Richard Grenier would be delighted to hear from you if there is something that needs to be put in the Dispatch. E-mail them at Toldkien@gmail.com or call the lodge and leave a message with Carol.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Lodge.

Jim Kermans, Administrator
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